ELEVEN+ is a uniquely informed collective of curators and arts professionals from around the world. Principals Pamela Auchincloss (New York) and Susanne Prinz (Berlin) conceived of this model in response to the shifting landscape of the art world and the need for a professional organization that offers innovative and enterprising thinking.

The increasingly competitive market for foundation grants, public funding, and private investment is marginalizing the sustainable business practices, growth, and progressive opportunities of arts organizations and galleries alike. ELEVEN+ is committed to generating outcomes that benefit multiple interests and constituencies with effective and fundamental shifts in how an organization or business operates and programs. Integral to our approach is building new revenue streams, audiences, international press and public awareness, and creative alliances/partnerships that are generative and lasting.

Serving art institutions, commercial art ventures including art fairs and cultural festivals, biennales, public art projects and municipal initiatives, as well as the individual art collector, ELEVEN+ incorporates strategic planning and vision into every project regardless of scope or scale.

In addition ELEVEN+ offers a range of more conventional services to professional art organizations and new cultural initiatives including: curatorial programming; project management; lecture and panel discussion organization; and regional travel recommendations/planning all shaped by an agile and forward-thinking approach.

With eleven art professionals representing five continents, ELEVEN+ is uniquely positioned with intelligent and worldly knowledge drawing from collective experience. While all accomplished as individual curators and arts administrators, it is our collaborative practice that distinguishes our services.



ELEVEN+ is connected to more than 50 associate curators from around the world. Whether simply an introduction or managed exhibition and program planning, we have the expertise you are looking for.


ELEVEN+ curators have worked with more than 200 museums and art presenting organizations. Curators and museums wishing to travel or present exhibitions in new locations should contact us for consultation.


ELEVEN+ works with clients to find innovative solutions for funding and sponsorship. Our network and resources reaches beyond the conventional stream of cultural patronage and investment. Economic development, audience cultivation, new markets, product placement, and education are key incentives for new funding opportunities.


ELEVEN+ is quickly building alliances with strategic partners in the areas of PR and marketing, art handling logistics, publishing, and hospitality services. We believe in competitive bidding and cost efficient budget management.


ELEVEN+ works with art fair organizers to consider new and innovative programs that will distinguish their venture from their competition.

All services are fee based.


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